I would like to show you some of my beautiful breeders

I have some lovely crested geckos for breeding and thought you may like to see them. These have bred for me, some have 3 generations of offspring, all bred with different ones from other pairs.

The first is Franki my Lilly White from Lilly Exotics

He produced some lovely babies which are now grown up

Then I also have some really lovely males which breed some super babies

We have some other breeders too, but they rarely fire up Our male Halloween for example

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You were doing it right before you edited it, pics were up of Franki.

Click on edit, and click the photo icon at the bottom :grin:


Can’t wait for pictures

Hi Ghoulishcresties, I did try but there is no photo pictures at the bottom and it has gone into HTML

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Yes that’s correct, but you need to wait for them to load, wait for it to say 100%

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Oh for each photo I have to wait. OK I will have another try, but I can not see an icon for photos like a bug hit my document

So each one should show as processing or uploading etc, but at the bottom of the screen (at least that’s where it is on my screen) it should show a percentage, mine shows up next to the reply and bin button

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Thank you all for your help, hopefully it will work next time

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