Icky head scales? Please advise

I noticed some icky looking scales on my most recent additions head. I have temps at 88-90 warm side and 82-84 cool side. Humidity at 60 percent. Maybe he rubbed on something? Any thoughts?

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Might be a case of nose rub. What does a profile Pic look like? Any amount of raised or roundness to the shape of the snake’s head?

When did they last shed and how did that go?

More pictures.

No swelling so that’s good. Probably not head rub. When was the last shed and how clean was it?

Two weeks ago. I’ve only had him a month. His shed all came off, just not in one piece like my others. Also noticed this on my banana calico just now. Is this from rubbing, do you think?

The top one looks like it could be damaged scales for either a rat/mouse bite or damage from previous bad shed. The banana looks like it may have just lost a scale during the last shed.

Head rub makes the face around where they run swell. I know cause I’m dealing with a 2 year old suspected male who’s been doing it recently (he wants a gf so bad).

See how the nose area is rounded a bit more than it should? He tries to shove his way into a gap in our tank lid that’s way way to small.

I suspect a rat scratch/bite with the pied. My banana calico is hard to figure out. He only eats ft. Both are constantly searching for my females and have been off feed for two weeks. Thanks for your advice. Do I need to do anything to treat the scratch/bite? I keep my cages spotless. Both on newspaper.

Doesn’t look like the scales were broken I don’t think you need to do any treatment other than make sure temps and humidity are on point.

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