Icon shows phantom "new messages"

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About the bug

The icon for marketplace message notifications occasionally shows that I’ve got new messages when I actually don’t. This has happened with inquiries which require a response, and with other types of messages.This occurs intermittently and disappears at random. So far it has only happened on the app, not the website. It’s a mild annoyance, the cause for which may be on my end, but I thought MM ought to know about it.

Summary of the issue:

See above.

Expected results:

The “new message” icon should disappear after I’ve opened and read the indicated new message(s)

Actual results:

The “new message” icon doesn’t disappear after reading new messages. I’ve tried swiping from the top, getting out of messages, reopening the latest messages, closing the app, restarting my phone. None of this has any effect. The icon has, however, disappeared on its own each time after a while.

Links to pages the bug is affecting:


When did you first notice it?:

I think it was 5 November. Definitely by 6 November.

Steps to reproduce the problem?:

So far as I can tell, it’s a random occurrence.

Is this happening on the website, app or both?:

So far, just the app.

If its happening on the app, please tell us what version number you have installed:

Version 1.2.8

### Additional notes:
I emailed MM about this. Thomas said to start a thread if it happened again to see if anyone else was having the same issue.

About your device

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Device model:

Galaxy A71 5G

Browser name:

Duck Duck Go

Browser version:

Version 5.176.3


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Thanks, as always.