ID Assistance - Black Pastel or Normal?

Hi, I’ve never hatched a straight Black Pastel, I’m unsure if this little one is Black pastel or just a normal (well possible triple het :slight_smile: ) Pairing was a straight Genetic Stripe x Banana Butter Black Pewter. Would be super helpful if you anyone can give me pointers as to what to look for too when it comes to Black Pastel.

Thanks for any insight offered,


Not black pastel imo


Thank you, first normal out of 3 clutches, not so bad odds :laughing:

Not technically a normal as is it is het g stripe so would single gene animal. Just wondering where the possible hets are coming in lol

male is 100% het pied and Desert Ghost so all babies are 50% poss het pied/DG :crossed_fingers:

Agree with @saleengrinch … normal het. Here is a bp which is commonly confused with cinnamon… while I know you aren’t asking that here it’s the best I got for a photo atm… lol.

Bp - dark rich blacks with the “dirty “ alien heads also described as eyebrows sometimes.

Cinnamon- very clean alien heads with a floating look.


Here’s one I hatched recently it’s on the left


Perfect, thank you both for the helpful posts :100: