ID for petsmart ball python?

Definitely not enchi g-stripe, the sides would be almost clean, too much pattern here. You put enchi in gs to clear out the pattern so you have a nice creamy striped snake, then you add other color genes in to showcase.

Not pastel g-stripe either, too much color and the dorsal stripe is unbroken on the neck. Pastel in g-stripe lightens the colors significantly and interrupts the black outline of the dorsal stripe along the neck like a dotted line on each side for short sections, in super pastel it almost dissappears in chunks like a pair of dashed lines.

The lighting makes it tough, but those two aren’t in this animal. Something might be lightening the belly and brightening things up, but it mostly looks like a young g-stripe to me. Certainly doesn’t look like my enchi g-stripe at all.

For comparison