ID help / confirmation


So this one we picked up yesterday. She’s a little shy bless her but she’s coming around.

She was sold as Enchi Pastel Mojave YB OD and after some practice I’ve been getting better at telling morphs but this one’s just too complex for me to confirm.

Even if they lied about the genes, we’re not too bothered because she was a low price from someone who doesn’t really know what he’s doing when it comes to morphs and would have been a decent price with even one or two genes going on.

But if someone could have a guess for us that’d be great. Will add more pictures if needed as there’s ‘apparently’ lots going on.



Enchi yes, pastel yes, Mojave I don’t see it… but could you take photos without you holding it with the full body? Od I would be inclined to No since usually it really cleans up

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Definitely no Mojave in this animal.

Certainly Enchi and Pastel. I would tentatively accept OD, but, as Kristin notes, full body pics would help. From above and laterally


Hello thank you for your replies :slight_smile:

Here are some better pictures (I hope, not the best photographer sorry haha):

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Yeah, I would agree with OD in there