ID Help- Hatchlings

Somewhat of a long story as to how we got here, so TLDR below and full story at the end of the post.

Would love to get some expert eyes and opinions on what these hatchlings might be, thanks to all who are able to help!!!

Guessing that hatchling #1 is a Fire or Mojave, and Hatchling #2 could possibly be a fire Mojave or Mojave/some other gene in the black eyed lucy complex.

Now second guessing if the mother has any other genes, or if she is in-fact a nice looking Mojave. Feel free to let us know if anything jumps out to you.

Soon after is was clear she was was gravid we out to the breeder to see what she (the mother) was paired with and they said they didn’t remember her being paired at all and could not tell us what the sire was. A bit odd but we figured they were bonus snakes so no worries.

Unfortunately 1 of the eggs went bad halfway through incubation. At 57 days the first two eggs pipped and we waited another two days to cut, sadly the three remaining eggs contained well developed/full term but deceased hatchlings. Interestingly enough two of the three deceased eggs were what appeared to be black eyed leucistic (solid almost pink white body), and the third deceased hatchling looked similar to the two surviving hatchlings. Still not sure what happened but it was quite a bummer.

Hoping to now get some good news and try to figure out what morphs these little ones are.


Forgot to include second hatchling, see below.

Here is a side view of hatchling #1

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We have an update on the Sire!

We heard back from the breeder, we figured it was worth reaching out again and pleading our case on more time. Success!

After a good conversation we found out that the breeder thought the female we purchased was a Firefly Mojave, not sure why she wasn’t sold to us as such but our guess is they couldn’t prove it out. After doing some looking around on the web she does look like a Firefly Mojave (or Lesser) but she is just a bit lighter with more white washing on the sides than most of the pictures we saw. The more digging and asking around we did on the web, the more it seems the female could be a Lesser not a Mojave…

The breeder thinks she was paired up a couple times with a Leopard OD Fire male, but is helping us by looking into their breeding records and is going to get back with us to confirm. Haven’t heard back yet but will update this thread when we have confirmation.

These hatchlings a could also just be some nice looking normals, either way we are going to keep them since they were our first hatchlings and now have more of a sentimental value. That being said, it would be great to know if they have any other genes in them so we can effectively use them in our future breeding plans.

Mom looks to be lesser, not Mojave - I would believe lesser Fire but she also looks to have some kind of granite gene going on. This also fits with the hatchlings, because they both look to me to be chocolate or something similar, and/or a granite-type gene.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Have posted on some other forums as well and there seems to be a consensus the female is probably a Lesser and something else.

Still trying to figure out what that something else could be, but for now we will hold on to the hatchlings. They are both females so maybe their genes will become more apparent over time or in future pairings.