ID Help (image heavy)

Hey, so these guys have been through two sheds now, and I want to make sure everything is ironed out before they go up on MM. I’m just going to lay out my thoughts on what I’m looking at, and I’d appreciate some corrections/feedback regarding the IDs please. It’s one thing to look at combos online, but a whole different feeling trying to get a handle on this stuff in person.

Pairing was Cinnamon Chocolate Clown x Pastel Lesser Blade Clown

I think I have this first one figured out. But I’m just tossing it up here so y’all will be able to compare it to its sibling below. I believe this is a Pastel Lesser Cinnamon Clown.

This next one is the sibling that looks really similar, except it’s noticeably darker and has more of a melty look. So I’m thinking this one might have Chocolate. I wasn’t able to find a pic of a Pastel Lesser Cinnamon Chocolate Clown for reference. (Pics taken in partly cloudy weather and in full shade)

This third one is definitely at least a Lesser Cinnamon Clown. But it does have a bit of a melted look to it so I was thinking it could have Chocolate too. It’s not as soft as the Lesser Chocolates I’ve seen, but again, I couldn’t find a Lesser Cinnamon Chocolate to compare.

I really wanted this last one to be a Cinnamon Chocolate Clown, but I’m just not seeing it. Right now I just have it down as a nice Cinnamon Clown. It’s dark, but I’ve seen dark Cinnamon Clowns a handful of times. The pattern is too busy and not melty at all from what I’m seeing. I could be wrong though.

Here’s mom and dad, if anyone was wanting those pics too.


Very lovely clutch @skandalakis! Congratulations! :+1::blush:


Thank you!


Wow, what gorgeous babies! Hopefully someone can come along with confirmation on your guesses.


Thank you! I hope so too.


@akmorphs @banereptiles @wreckroomsnakes Can any of you guys help?


That’s a very nice looking clown clutch! Unfortunately I do not have much experience with chocolate at all, and with the dominant way clown is, it is super hard to tell. I do think that the last one is just a cinnamon, clown. I also think out of all of them my best guess for chocolate is the one you labeled as chocolate, lesser, cinnamon, clown. The head and also overall color, and some of the dorsal smudges makes me think chocolate as well! I can’t really say with the added pastels, which may have chocolate, you could very well be right but I just don’t have the chocolate making experience!:rofl: Great clutch, if it were mine I would hold back most of them!:+1:



Thank you! I appreciate it. And yeah, having both Pastel and Lesser in there makes it a bit more difficult to tell for me. There’s a lot of variety in gene expression when it comes to those two stacked into Clown combos.