ID help (is there hypo/ghost)

I would like some feedback on this snake. Pairing was Banana dbl het gstripe hypo x Enchi dbl het gstripe hypo. I can see Banana Enchi gstripe but I’m unsure if hypo is there. I cannot find reference photos for the combination. Any advice would be helpful


When it shed, was the shed clear or did it have any pattern in it? If it is shedding clear, then it is hypo. If you can see the pattern in the shed, then it is not.


I understand your pain here. I’ve got two snakes that I hatched out about 2 years ago that are just personal holdbacks, one had a pretty weird kink that hasn’t effected him, but he’s just a pet, the other is a replica of his dad apart from possibly having hypo and the wife loves him.

Banana can be tricky to see hypo in, even in the sheds sometimes bananas make it very difficult to even see pattern on the shed. Your best bet? Send the shed off for dna testing next time it sheds.


Those snakes are gorgeous! I love banana anything! Good luck with your project! :snake::+1::blush:

This is not always the case with ball pythons. I have had numerous hypo animals with pattern in their shed, it was just harder to see.