ID help little green buddy

Not that it matters to me much but had this little guy visit me on the golf course this weekend and thought he looked cool. Couldn’t find anything that ID him online and couldn’t think of a better place to ask then this awesome community. Any ideas? For reference it was on the MA/RI border.


No idea! He’s cute though. If no one here is able to give you a definitive answer, I’ve had luck with spider identification on the subreddit called /r/whatsthisbug.

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It doesn’t look real! :open_mouth:

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Some sort of green orb weaver. Not sure which one though. There are a lot of species that aren’t documented well online, so we might not be able to find an exact match.

Edit: It took me way too long to figure out what RI stood for. I am sorry for forgetting you again Rhode Island. :sob:


My first thought is always respiratory infection!


I agree it looks like some sort of orb weaver, though beyond that I’m not sure. Really beautiful little spider, what a treat to find that little jewel!

Orb weavers are one of my favourite types of spider. Not only are their webs beautiful, the spiders themselves are often quite lovely as well. I’ve never seen one that shade of green though!

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Possibly an immature Araneus cingulatus…? Or at least something from, or similar to, that genus.


I see very similar looking spiders all the time at a lake nearby to me. It’s in SE MI and if I can find out again what species it is I’ll update.