ID help. Normal?

Recently purchased from a local reptile store. Was marked down as normal but seems a bit too bright to me. Noticed a bit of yellow on the belly but not sure if my mind is playing tricks on me. Also noticed a orangish color on the sides. Pictures kill the color a bit but Any help would be appreciated


I haven’t done too great with ID’s today so take my guess with a grain of salt, but the speckling could be from granite.

@erie-herps i noticed the speckling as well, just didnt know if it was a normal thing or not so i thought id leave that out.

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A speckle or two is normal but that much of it hints at another morph (for me, granite comes to mind).

Good information :+1:t4: I’ll do some research on those right now. Thanks!

I think it is. You get speckling in normals. Granite isn’t just one gene there is a couple of lines of incomplete dominant and quite a few dominant lines. You see this type of speckling alot in farm raised babies. Considering it’s from a pet shop my bet is it is a Bush baby.

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