ID help please - Special/Russo/Mocha

ID help appreciated. I’m thinking they’re Special or Russo or maybe Mocha, but I’m not familiar enough with either to make a confident ID. These are 6 of the clutch, the other 5 have leopard and I’ll post those for help next.

Pairing was Leopard Crypton het Ultramel x BEL - genes unknown (the purpose of the pairing was to determine her genes)

Thanks in advance for the help! - Molly


@wreckroomsnakes @t_h_wyman @westridge will likely be able to throw some input into here, but i fear your looking at 3 very similar traits… it will probably take extra years of proving these out.

What was the BELs parents?
Can you share a pic of the Bel herself?

Can you share the Leopard combos also, it will help.


That’s what I’m fearing as well. I appreciate any input though! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I dont know the BELs parents. She was purchased as a pet before I ever focused on breeding. Here she is though. She has a white dorsal stripe you can slightly see at the back of her head and can definitely see it in the black light photo of her.

Here’s the 5 leopards, too.


These are just my best guess, but I noticed with special they really seem to have a brighter dorsal like a lot of your non leopard’s the one that throws me off is that super black backed granite looking one. As for mocha that is hard to tell, some mochas look really dark, almost black pastel like while others do not. My best guess is russo/honey, special. I don’t have experience with any of these genes with leopard though so hopefully someone who does can get some better clues for you from those beautiful Leo morphs! Good luck, nice pythons!


Thanks for your info and input! The black backed one throws me off too. I hadn’t thought of honey. Any ideas of what to pair to my BEL next year to help possibly identify her?

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Do you remember where she was purchased from?

Honey and mocha feel like they would have been less common for a local shop or CL find so I would lean Russo or Special. Or maybe a lower expression mystic.

If there was a specific breeder you’re aware of, you may be able to ask them which morphs they may have been working with x amount of years ago.


I wish I had a better answer for what to pair to help. Just any of these type of bel morphs will produce almost all white snakes, sometimes with faint yellow lines down the dorsal. You may have to breed it to just a normal or a recessive with no other traits to have a good shot at ids. Also the problem is honey, russo, mocha, even special can look incredibly similar with just natural variation. Also @armiyana had a good point, that honey and mocha are not as common and you would think would have definitely be advertised as such, but you can’t really guarantee that either. Very tricky, hopefully someone with more experience could advise you better, but I can’t think of any better ones offhand.


She was a CL pickup from an individual that was keeping her as a pet. It was almost 4 years ago and at the time I knew nothing about morphs and had no intention of breeding, so I didn’t even ask.

Your point about it most likely being Special or Russo makes sense. Thanks for your advice!

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Thanks again for all your help! I’ve planned on genetic testing them for clown/cryptic/ultramel, so maybe they’ll come out with a BEL test sooner than later.

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Your BluEL is most likely a SuperRusso

Russo/Special, Mocha/Special, SuperSpecial, and SuperMocha are all more or less obviously pigmented/patterned

Bane’s guess of SuperHoney could be possible, but Honey has not really been worked with a lot so I am not inclined to think that a SuperHoney somehow ended up on Craigslist, especially given the time frame you are talking about


Thank you! I appreciate your help!

i don’t really see anything that makes me think mocha. I don’t work with russo or special so i am no help there. . :crazy_face: :laughing:

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You could mate to a normal to try to isolate single genes or, if you are fairly certain about Special versus Russo, you could mate to something like Mojave Pastel, or similar that react different with each morph to try to differentiate between the two.

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