ID help please spider combos

ID help please and thank you. Both are 100% het hypo 50% het clown. Genetics involved are spider, fire and enchi. Two snakes in question, first 2 pictures are one snake, the last 3 pictures are another snake. I’m not sure if there is a het influence at play or just variation, but one is a little lighter than the other. I’m thinking they are both spider enchi fire, but one has a het influence. What do you guys think?


I would say that there maybe a het thing going on, but what would you say is the biggest difference between them, ext ones lighter, higher blushing?

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Before the first shed the colors were exactly the same. After a few sheds one has a hint of orange more than the other and the dorsal color is the same between them both. They are both lighter than their spider enchi sibling.

Yes the color differences is the biggest thing. They have the same head stamp. One has a few keyhole type dots but for the most part still a reduced pattern. Both have the same amount of blushing. Their slight color difference is throwing me off. Obviously when one goes into shed the difference is amplified. One shed a few days ago and the other a few weeks ago.

I think that it maybe just variations in Enchi

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