ID help with ball python clutch

GHI Mojave x Lesser Pinstripe
Laid 3 BELs and these three.
I’m new to breeding and identifying morph combo and would love some input.
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I think the top one is pin, Mojave middle is lesser and bottom has to have ghi pin and Mojave? My best guesses from the pic. The dark bottom one is so nice!

Thank you so much! I was thinking GHI Mojave Pin, and a Lesser. I wasn’t sure if the other one was Lesser or Mojave Pin. Is it just the darker shade?

Looking at the mom and baby there is definitely darker features on the baby especially the head


Not the shade, although it is different and darker then a pinstripe lesser would probably be. It is the definition on the side pattern, you even have alien head looking ones almost, regular pins really look like more of just pinstripes up the sides occasionally and in a random way, and have a more faded type of sides to the snake, not so strongly patterned and defined on the sides to me.

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Top = Lesser Pin (Kingpin)
Middle = Mojave
Bottom = Mojave GHI Pin

Nice looking clutch.