ID help, YB Clown clutch

Dear Community,
I am new to breeding, and I hope you may be able to fill in some of my knowledge gaps.

Pairing is:
Super Pastel YB CG Clown x Pastel Lesser Clown

Pictures of the clutch and parents, alongside their preliminary IDs, are provided below.
Overall, I believe to have a good grasp on the IDs besides YB, but I’ll be happy for any input to where I may be wrong. I haven’t figured out any YB markers besides the general color intensity, since there are no belly tracks present and strong flaming is inherent to Pastel (Lesser) Clown.

Sire (left animal): Super Pastel YB CG Clown (proven) | Dam: Pastel Lesser Clown


Super Pastel Lesser YB Clown

Super Pastel YB? CG Clown

Super Pastel Lesser CG Clown

Super Pastel YB? Clown

Pastel YB CG Clown

Pastel Lesser YB Clown

Super Pastel Lesser YB CG? Clown

Pastel Lesser YB Clown

I’d be grateful for any input concerning the IDs, and especially for tips to ID YB in such combos.


I am sorry, I can’t help figure which ones have yellow belly. I know it can make the patterns slightly more busy or wonky with clowns, but they are hard in my opinion to tell just with a straight clown. I just had to say those are some great looking clowns, love the cgs and the pattern on the first super pastel lesser yb, I would guess that as yb too. Sorry hopefully someone can help more. Great animals though!

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If you can take photos of the where the side meets the belly it’s easier to see. Like this.

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Ty for your time. Here are the requested pictures, I hope they help :slight_smile:


I posted the pics below :slight_smile:

2 and 5 are the two I don’t see yb imo

#5 was actually the one I was most confident in being YB, due to the extrem reds and some related animals I saw from the breeder of the sire. :sweat_smile:

Any chance you could elaborate a bit on why you think its not YB? I would really like to learn markers to look out for.

I look for the pixelizations mainly. It could be the the photo but I don’t see it personally

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