ID on Adult Female

I’m not sure if I posted about this girl but figured I would now so I can get an accurate ID and decide what I want to pair her to in the future.

She was meant to be a breeding loan, but her owner decided to trade her for a couple of my hatchlings instead.

Her previous owner said she was a pastel vanilla lesser from what she could remember, which seems to be a correct ID but I’d like to double check.

Excuse my toes in the first picture :joy:

If any more pictures are needed, just let me know!


I think my thread got a little buried. Bumping it!

The ID seems right. At the very least I see pastel lesser but the blushing is enough that it’s not quite super pastel so a brightening gene in the BlkEL line like vanilla is very likely.


Yeah, she does have a lot of blushing and is also almost like a neon yellow in person with how bright she is. She’s super pretty!