ID Opinions on 2nd clutch

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for all the help on the morph IDs on my first clutch. I was hoping to get some help on the second one as well. The male was the same Black Pastel Mojave Pied from the first clutch, and the female was a Pastel Coral Glow. Please let me know what you think.


I think that #1 and #2 are black pastel coral glow , #3 and #4 are pastel coral glow , and #5 and #6 are black pastel mojave aka black magic.

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I think #1 and #2 are black pastel coral glow mojave, #3 and #4 pastel Coral Glow,
and then #5 and #6 are black magic

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I dont think there is mojave in #1 and # 2 judging by the side pattern of # 5 and #6.


Thanks guys! My big question mark was if any of them, besides 5 an 6 obviously, have Mojave.

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@gregp I can see why you said it. I was looking at a few on the market with all three genes and it matched up pretty closely to what freedom breeder had available and what sacred exotics had listed, but that also included banana.

@mcgoveran I’m still working on learning all about morph combinations so Greg is probably pretty spot on with what he said. I’d take him word over mine on anything related to morphs like that, ha-ha.

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To be honest im not 100% sure either lol. Just thinking that they are either black pastel coral glow or maybe mojave coral glow. Can get hard to tell with multiple genes. One thing is for sure that is a beautiful clutch!!!:smiley:

1 & 2 definitely have Black Pastel. I just wasn’t sure if either one also had Mojave. You can’t really tell by my pictures but 3 is much lighter in color than 4. When you put them side by side it’s hard to believe that they have the same genes. They both (3 &4) certainly have Pastel and Coral Glow and definitely don’t have Black Pastel, so that only leaves Mojave as a possible genetic difference. I guess it could just be variation in how the genes are expressed.

Anyone really good at spotting Mojave in multi-gene animals? I’m not that’s for sure! lol.

Thanks for the compliment on the clutch gregp!