ID’ying for a friend

Maybe someone here created this head ache?
This from
Cinny mahogany mojave pin yb X Mojave Mahogany

This from
Cinny majo mohave pin yb x normal

1st photo
Looks Mojave Mahogany Cinny Yb?
2nd photo
Looks Cinny Mahogany YB?


first guess is suma cinny mojave pin and the second I would guess would be a cinny mahogany poss YB. I know the @t_h_wyman and @osbornereptiles works with some dark genes so they could give a more accurate guess than I.

I would agree with Cinny Mahogany Mojave on the first, not sure on the YB buy certainly possible

Last looks like it is just a Cinny or Cinny YB

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