Ideas for a new Burmese Python rack

My 7 Burmese Python cages are getting a little bit old an i was wondering if any of you had any suggestions for new tank or enclosure system

When I kept Burms a lifetime ago (I think I sold my last one 18 years ago) I always built their enclosures out of plywood and laminated pine boards. I’d likely be inclined to go the same route if I were to keep them again. If you were interested in going with prefab I’d go with visions if I could get my hands on some for a fair price.

With all that said, what are your current enclosures you are using?


I have a homemade setup right now mad of Mostly pile wood.

If you’re comfortable building enclosures, making some out of pvc sheet could be a good option. I’ve built with high quality pvc as well as the lower quality sheet you can get at home depot. TBH the stuff from home depot works fine for enclosures as long as you put in supports for long runs. In fact one of my friends built a handful for his retics and they are holding up great and look good stacked up.

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I think I’ll do that then, or at least consider it. Thank you!