Ideas for a project

Hello, all.

Just wanted to pick some brains about what the hive mind thinks would be a good set of genes to breed to a Superfly vanilla clown female that I have.


Just to check, you’re asking about a female with the following genes:
Super pastel, fire, vanilla & clown

Just wanted to double check since the way you had it listed as Superfly (super pastel and fire) but vanilla is allelic and that would technically be known as a “Vanilla shout out clown” iirc… Combo names are so frustrating lol

Offhand, your answer is going to be definitely something that is visual or het clown.
With those genes, Orange Dream could be neat for an extra pop of color. It’s something to work towards but you can consider hypo or desert Ghost as well. It just will take a few years to get the reward.

I don’t really work with clown though so can’t really give you any other ideas really.


If the female is a morph that has both fire and vanilla, id look a a super vanilla combo male, ideally clown or het clown. That way, everything you produce would be guaranteed either super vanilla or vanilla cream. A het clown would make for equal odds per egg of visual and het clowns, and your snake being super pastel makes everything pastel. Add in some extra co doms on the male like yellowbelly, orange dream, calico, etc and you could make some beautiful offspring.