Idenitfication and Breeding Help?

Hello! I am new to this and I would love some advice. My boyfriend has a female corn snake that he would like to breed but would like to choose a mate that would produce healthy offspring. He’s not 100% sure what his snake’s genetics is and would love help identifying possible genetics. His sister gave it to him from Petsmart and the label said Albino, but we are wary of that. Someone said it might have Miami in it.

Sorry for the poor picture quality from my phone.

Sincerely, Taylor

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Definitely not Albino. Looks like a nice wild-type with a neat grey background color so it could be from Miami lineage. To learn more about corn snake genetics I would recommend looking here on MorphMarket in the Corn Snake section and playing with the Calculator, and also at Ian’s Vivarium, as well as @sarahssnakeshop 's recent book.

Thank you so much! I will definitely check it out