Identification assistance - banana cinnamon enchi x mojave

Hello! I’m needing a little help in identifying some of these. I was having a difficult time of finding good comparison photos for some of the possible combos. Pairing was a banana cinnamon enchi x mojave.

There is a picture of the whole clutch, and closer up photos of babies 2 at a time (the one that has #1 also has #4, the 4 was cut off.) and a photo of the mom and dad.


Cinny and Enchi are allelic so everything in this clutch will be either one or the other of those.

From what I am seeing it looks like you have the following:

  1. Banana Enchi
  2. Enchi Mojave
  3. Enchi
  4. Banana Enchi Mojave
  5. Enchi Mojave
  6. Banana Enchi

Thank you so much!

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