Identification Enchi Pastel Calico or Pastel Calico

Picked up this female yesterday advertised as a Enchi Pastel Calico. At first I questioned the enchi and basically had offered the guy way less than he was asking due to possiblity of not being enchi. I am now leaning towards it being enchi, I may be wanting to see it, but i see the enchi X headstamp, the yellow pixeling in the lower belly, and how amazingly clean and reduced the animal is. The first picture is from today after she shed this morning, others are 2 days old still in shed. ENCHI OR NOT?


This might help

To my non professional eyes I’d say yes. It’s a enchi.
The reasons I say that is the golden/intense flames and dark copper patches between the stripes.

Don’t take my answer as truth though. Either way it’s a damn beautiful snake.

Here’s a regular pastel calico right after shed. She’s a lot less vibrant and browning out so I’m gonna say you’ve got enchi in your animal

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