Identification Help Please! For my Ball Python

I purchased this male ball python at an expo and it was identified as Fire/Disco Clown. What are you all’s opinion. I wish to start a small breed project and would like to know what I might have. Any help would be appreciated.


Clown is an easy ID.

Unfortunately, there is no way to really say if your snake is disco or fire at the moment. The two genes look very similar. The difference will be apparent in the offspring if they pick up an allelic fire complex gene from both parents.
Eventually, there may be a genetic test available for them like there is with clown and some other genes.

As far as projects go…
Further down the line you could look at a super to breed. For example, I have a female with fire. When I picked up a new male, I went with a super vanilla. That way I know all of the offspring will be vanilla. Unless they inherit fire from mom as well, which makes the offspring vanilla cream.