Identification help please

Hi, need a little help identifying some babies from an Ultramel Tessera (het) Anery to a Coral Snow. I have a feeling there’s some other genes floating around but I’m not sure.

  1. Ultra Anery?? No clue honestly
  2. Ultramel Tessera
  3. Ultramel Tessera
  4. Ultramel Tessera??? Something idk
  5. These three are snow tessera pos Rf

  6. Ultramel Anery?
  7. Ultramel Tessera
  8. Ultramel Anery Tessera

    9 and 10. Ultramel Anerys?

  9. No clue. Ultra Amel something :laughing:

    12 and 13 coming soon

I can’t help with id’s but ALL of those babies are very pretty! The first 3 are look like they are a beautiful salmon color! Congratulations! :confetti_ball::balloon::tada::champagne:


None of these photos are taken in shed, correct?
My guesses offhand for the ones you were unsure of:
1 Ultramel RF
4. Ultramel Tessera
6, 9, 10. RF Ultramel Anery
11 Amel pos RF

Remember, an ultramel will pass on either the amel or ultra gene, meaning breeding to a snow will give you amels as well as ultramels, not just ultramels.


Also forgot to tag @solarserpents & @caryl as they’ve more experience than myself.


They have all just had there first sheds and thanks for the help.


Pretty babies! That first one is definitely funky. It’s not ultramel anery (way too orange and red for anery), so likely red factor ultramel, but it’s so light. The rest look correctly labeled to me, with the last one just being amel. Since ultra and amel are allelic, it can’t be both homozygous amel and homozygous ultra. And het for both produces ultramel, which it clearly is not.

The ultramel aneries are fantastic! One of my favorite morphs.


Nice variety, and they’re all lovely!
I may be wrong of course, but here are a couple thoughts on the questionables.
#1 certainly looks RF. I’m thinking RF Ultramel Ghost (Anery + Hypo). The Ultramel Ghosts on Iansvivarium have a surprising degree of pink/red/peach coloration. The Various Hypo-complex alleles are quite widespread and it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that these parents are carrying some form of Hypo hets.
#4 looks to me like the Tessera version of #1, so tentatively RF Ultramel Ghost Tessera? Maybe ?? Its distal third is different from the Ultramel Tesseras’.
#11- Amel, possibly with RF. Its eyes are typical Amel eyes with no sign of Ultra.

It’ll be interesting to watch their colors develop. Congrats again!


Thank you for the help. I was thinking maybe they could be hypos of some sort. I’m just not sure.


I agree, Caryl. I was wondering if hypo might have been a hidden het.