Identification Help, Red Stripe experts unite!

This little Clown came from a pairing of Fire Red Stripe het Clown to a Spotnose Clown. This is my first experience working with the Red Stripe gene in play.

The first three pics are in fluorescent lighting and the last two are in natural light but shade. All photos are cropped but not shopped. These are the best representations I can provide of real color.
So the big question is, is this a Red Stripe Clown or not? I appreciate the feedback.


Tap! Tap! Tap! Is this thing on?

Hello, Hello, Hello. Is there anybody in there. Just nod if you can here me. Is there anyone home?

Surely there must be a few breeders out there that are working with Redstripe that could chime in.

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I don’t work with redstripe (yet) so I can’t be much help here. If you use facebook there is a “redstripe breeders” group with experienced individuals that will likely be helpful.

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I appreciate the guidance but I don’t do FB. I’m a bit older and this is as close to social media as it gets for me. Even my job is pushing me to have an active Linkdin account but I am raging against the machine, so to speak.

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I figured with the Pink Floyd reference :slight_smile:

Wish I could be of more help!

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