Identification help, super ghi?

Hey everyone,

We recently had a clutch hatch that was from a pastel ghi het ghost to a ghi mojave. We ended up with two ghi, a pastel ghi,a ghi mojave, and what appears to be a super ghi. I was just wondering if the super ghi has mojave in it or it’s just a super ghi. Pictures online make it difficult to compare because it seems like the variation in pattern and color are extensive when it comes to the supers.

This is when it first came out of the egg. Before she shed.

This is right after she shed

And this is after a couple meals

Any input would be helpful! Thank you!


Mojave washes out any pattern a ghi or super ghi has, so it doesn’t have mojave. It also isn’t pastel since that usually makes them a good bit lighter and brown. I would say a really nice super ghi, and it almost looks axanthic with the lack of yellow in it.


Yeah I agree, it does almost look axanthic. Thank you!

These are the rest of the clutch mates for comparison


That’s a really beautiful clutch.
I haven’t worked with GHI but yours does appear to be a super GHI.
And with all your hatchlings having GHI present, are you sure one of your dam or sire wasn’t a super? Because that’s amazing odds.

Thank you! Nope neither are super I think I just had really good odds!

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