Identification help

I think it just a normal but its more brown & orange than normal im quite new and would appreciate some help.


Wish I could help but I have very minimal experience with these and the little I know is from what I have read on here. @stewart_reptiles breeds and keeps hogs so hopefully she can lend her expertise.

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Looks like a normal to me! Even normal hognoses can vary in color quite a bit.

Here’s my adult female Mocha, she’s a green phase normal.

And Scarlet, one of her babies. She’s more reddish in coloration. (She’s also het for albino but as far as I’m aware this doesn’t affect the appearance.)


You have a pretty normal/wild type hoggie. As stated above, there can be a lot of variance in the coloring and patterns for a normal.


I’m going to say that it’s a normal as well. Hogs have quite a few traits that are line bred and not genetic traits(ie recessive ,incomplete dominant, or dominant ) So there can be huge differences between one “normal” and another.

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