Identification help

We purchased a female Fire Ghost a few years back and this year we paired her with a Lemonblast ScalelessHead. The babies have hatched and it looks like she was holding cinnamon or black pastel. We have not yet had a clutch with either of those genes. We believe we have correctly identified the hatchlings but would like some extra assurance if you all would be so kind to help. I love surprise clutches but don’t want to miss identify anything when we list them for sale. The picture is preshed so we will update after their first shed. Thank you all.


I numbered them to try and help.

It looks more like black pastel than cinnamon to me. Take these with a grain of salt, I haven’t worked with some of these genes yet so I’m mostly using process of elimination. They also haven’t shed yet so that makes things a little harder.

1 - black pewter fire pin
2 - black pastel fire scaleless head
3 - black pewter fire
4 - firefly
5 - black pewter scaleless head


Thank you very much. That lines up exactly with what we were thinking and I agree after looking at a lot of black pastel/cinnamon pictures that it is indeed black pastel. The alien heads just are not round enough for cinnamon and the little squiggly lines are appearing in the alien heads pointing toward black pastel.

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