Identification of Hatchlings Please

Hello, new breeders here!
Our first clutched hatched recently (yay), and we got four beautiful healthy babies! Only problem is, they don’t look like their parents, and we are struggling to make a solid identification of them!
I want to stress this is our first clutch! We are still learning morph identification, and purposely chose and own simpler morphs to help us learn–but we think our snakes have hidden genes we did not know about, since of four babies, only two look the same.
The mother is a mojave, and the father wildetype (no lectures on breeding wildtype, please, it was out of our control for this one).

Mother (Mojave)

Father (Wildtype)

Here are each of the babies after their first shed:

Hatchling 1 (looks mojave to me, but far more yellow in her than her mother):

Hatchling 2 (similar to the fathers colouring, more yellow tones, but the flaming is lighter/ more intense, number of empty alienheads):

Hatchling 3 (doesn’t look like either parent! I am totally lost on this one!):

Hatchling 4 (same deal as hatchling 3, they look quite similar):

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you


Looks like mom is actually a pastave so you have hatched out:
1- mojave
2- normal/wild type/classic
3- pastel
4- pastel

At least that’s my guess on things.
Remember that ball pythons will fade as they get older. The normal will probably look more like dad as they get older. The bright yellows will fade out some. Mojaves can vary quite a bit between darker browns and tans to something brighter with rich brown and yellows. Your little one is surprisingly bright compared to momma. But you can have an animal with lesser amounts of expression throw some very nice babies sometimes.


Thank you so much! Looking at other pastels I see the similarities! It is a nice little surprise, and good to know the mother is pastave.


You have some nice babies! I have no morph type experience but I actually guessed at the first one and got it right!

Congratulations to you and best of good health to all the babies! :snake::+1::wink: