Identification of spots

I have an appointment scheduled with the vet.
However; I’d like to know if anyone else has had a snake with bumps like this.
I purchased him on March 18th, he arrived in the 23rd. When I unboxed him, he had two of these spots. I took note of them, but wasn’t too alarmed. I quarantined him as usual and he developed more spots.
I did a careful examination of him and there aren’t mites. Temps and humidity are good (he’s in a rack system)
I’ve asked on different platforms, but I’d like to see what y’all have to say. Thanks!

It looks like it’s either scale rot or pigment marks. What morph is he and what are your temps and humidity?

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Thermostat for the hotspot is set to 90, ambient is mid-80’s. Usually humidity is around 50 or so, but I’ve tried to keep it lower because I suspect scale rot as well. I also keep him on reptichip.
Also, he’s an Ivory Banana

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My first question was going to be is their Banana in the mix but you stated there is so, if he is Ivory Banana, then that could very well be the developing dark spots that come with Banana. Because it’s Ivory, they may be muted in their pigmentation.


Scale rot is the result of long-term saturation in unhealthy conditions (basically sitting in their own liquid, bacteria-laden waste) 50% humidity will not cause scale rot

Given that he has Banana in him, I concur with grey that what you are seeing may well be the freckling that morph prone to.

However, white snakes are notorious for showing even the slightest blemishes and, given your choice of media, it is also possible that it is just discolouration from dirt/dust/fines/particulates. So you might want to try wiping at them with a cotton swab/ball dampened with a mix of 50% water/50% rubbing alcohol

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Thank you, I didn’t think of it being his spots since he’s a 2018. I assumed he would have gotten them by now. Thanks.

Thanks, I appreciate it. It’s relieves some stress until I have the vet look at him.

Agreed… I would say, have you tried wiping them off? Very hard to tell but almost look like rodent blood/water spots haha Good luck!

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