Identification request

Picked up this male. Was a cinnamon spider(female) x OD pastel OR calico. I feellike in seeing something different. Any help would be appreciated!


Any help with the morph but what a beautiful little snake :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Can we see the parents?

No photos of mom and dad unfortunately :unamused:

We’re there other clutch mates. That baby isn’t just those genes.

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Only other baby looked to be killer bee or killer bee sugar

Updated photos… he definitely has some white in his sides as well


He’s pastel enchi OD calico. I’m not sure why the male was identified as OD pastel OR calico, pastel and calico look nothing alike and can super easily be IDed, and this animal clearly has both. So your male is OD pastel calico and either mom or dad is hiding enchi. Pastel enchi butterfly headstamp is unmistakable and the rest of the pattern & color is very standard OD + calico interaction.