Identify my ball python

I am trying to identify if there’s a particular ball python that mine is. I know it’s albino but it’s coloration is so much lighter and it’s pattern is different i think. The guy I got him from didn’t know, any help is appreciated.

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It looks like a standard albino both in color and pattern. They get lighter as they grow, you may be used to seeing pictures of babies.


Yeah I second what @westridge said. Most if not all morphs are not as vibrant as they are when they are babies. But yeah seems like a nice normal albino


Who is the best person to help me identify my ball. I’m not a breeder have only had two snakes ever and picked it up from someone on facebook. They said it was one thing but the local reptile guy thinks something different.

It looks like a desert or desert combo.


Definitely a desert or desert combo (not a desert ghost)
If it’s a female do not breed her, the desert gene is fatal to females who are bred…egg binding issues

This is my girl, sold to me as a normal pastel as breeder couldnt be 100% on another gene. Any ideas?

Looks like a very nice example of a pastel, but I don’t see any other genes.


Thankyou, appreciate the response :slight_smile: be great to see some supers one day in the future!

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I’ll bet she will make some very nice supers, since she’s got so much blushing. I’ll bet she’d make a mean firefly too.

I know icant wait but I have at least 18 months until she could be ready at the earliest. i have a Male coming in a couple weeks. I’ll post a pic and see if anyone can nail the combo!!