Identify prelay shed

How do you identify a prelay shed to “normal” shed?

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Did she ovulate yet?

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I think yes…and right now my female has a tipical tranglular Ridgeback. Is my first breeding season and I try to understand why my female doesn’t laid eggs after 43 days prelay shed. Maybe a made some mistakes in the breeding time line… And i trying to know it…

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As people explained to you in your other thread on this, sometimes it takes longer. That is just part of nature.

Maybe your hotspots are a little cooler so it is taking her longer to get there. Maybe your female is just a slow builder. Maybe her normal shed cycle overlapped her post-ovulation shed cycle and she shed a little earlier than normal. Maybe she is more sensitive to weather cycles and is waiting for a barometric pressure change to trigger deposition. Maybe you are checking on her so much that she feels insecure and does not want to drop eggs while there is a “predator” around.

Unless she is displaying obvious signs of being in distress just leave her be and let her do her thing. These animals have been laying eggs for millions of years without human intervention, they tend to be pretty good about getting the job done in the proper way for themselves


Thank you very much for your answer. I didn’t know all this factors.

LOL I sometimes even forgot this :rofl:

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I’ve had animals go almost 60 days before laying. The average is more around 40 days. Every now and then they will lay around 30 days.

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Hi guys just a quick news. Today my female laid a nice 7 good eggs and 1 slug. Just thank you for all comments and advice… I rally appreciate!!