Identifying a Spotnose Ball Python

Can someone post a picture of a spotnose BP and show me how to identify them correctly.

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Here’re spotnose ball pythons on the marketplace, you can look at them and try to identify some patterns, aside from this I can’t be of much help.


The head stamp is the giveaway


Here’s my spotnose girl

The headstamp is super striking and one of the best ways to tell, but they also have more “filled in” solid looking alien heads and seem to be overall a little brighter than a normal


From the Morph Encyclopedia (In Progress) Part 2

|615.3596161812646x451Image from Richard Deadman at Royal racks and morphs

Base Morph Incomplete Dominance (Co-dom)


The Spotnose Ball Python is a colour and pattern altering mutation that can easily be told apart from a Normal Ball Python by its extreme head stamp, lighter colouration across its dorsal pattern and mostly circular “alien heads”.


Head: The head of a Spotnose Ball Python is almost always dominated by a large headstamp, often said to look a lot like a skull and spots along the top lip.

|927.7587928209864x451Image from Cold Blooded Power

Body: The body of the Spotnose Ball Python is usually covered in circular, unconnected, “alien heads” that tend to exhibit singular spots, rather than the multiple “eyes” of a Normal Ball Python.

|760.7052923958578x451Image from RS Reptiles

Belly: The belly of the Spotnose Ball Python is similar to that of a Normal Ball Python, with smooth bright scales and spotting being variable on an individual basis.

|704.8070407744835x451Image from

Tail: The tail of the Spotnose Ball Python is usually dominated by a serrated dorsal stripe.|607.6854971127567x451Image from Richard Deadman at Royal racks and morphs


  • Super: Powerball (Spotnose X Spotnose)

Image from

  • Known Issues: N/A

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Let’s see some Spotnoses

I finally know what a Spotnose Blade looks like

Next to a Normal for reference:

Other images of Spotnoses:

|602x602.1458323626707Image from Der Terraristikladen


Image from Ryan Stephens at Ryan Stephens

Multiple Gene Spotnoses:

Leopard Spotnose Stranger

|602x451.0619689698552Image from The Collectors Reptiles

Butter Leopard Spotnose Clown


Image from Roland van den Oever at IRES Reptiles

Balls2u -

Justin Kobylka -

Justin Kobylka - Super Spotnose -


@eaglereptiles Perfect!! Much better than my vague description. Do you want some belly photos for that article?


Of course!
It’s a wiki, so feel free to add them :wink:

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Oh nice, didn’t realize that! I’ll grab some this afternoon


Wow! Yours is definitely a beautiful girl. I can see the difference on her compared to some I have seen on morph market. Maybe it is the lighting in some of the pictures.

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Thank you!! There’s definitely a lot of variation within morphs, and I have seen spotnoses that are a lot more subtle and difficult to distinguish.


You can usually tell by the head stamp even in combos! My male is coral glow enchi spotnose pastel and the head stamp is still very visible.


Very nice BP. I like coral glows / bananas. Pieds of any morph are my favorites. Blue eyed Lucy’s and another one that I have seen is the Cherry Bomb I also love these. I Hope to create some of these morphs one day. Seeing all of these different colorations in these morphs is just Amazing. I’m just excited to be in the community and talk to people about BP’s. My family thinks I’m crazy. They don’t like snakes.


@wmb1965 We are happy to have you as a part of the community!!! And thank you!!!