Identifying clutch

Father is Pied; Mother is Super Stripe
2 eggs perished before hatching time and were discarded.

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Ok i will take some new pics, the parents are certain, Pied and Super Stripe. That “group pic” is not supposed to be group, it was intended to be individual…there are 5 live babies. Mama originally laid 7, we lost 2 in learning as these are our 1st babies. I been researching the genetics hoping to be able to ID myself but i didnt get the same results as these suggestions or the morphmarket calculator so i guess not everything registered how its supposed to.:roll_eyes:


The downside is the genes could look very similar.

You’re going to need more photos of the hatchlings where we can see the side patterns and dorsal patterns clearly for the best chance of IDing them.

Offhand tho, baby in the first solo pic definitely looks specter to me.

Also… is it 4 different hatchlings? Because the group photo only has 3 but there’s 4 individuals it looks like.


With this pairing, your IDs are pretty easy. If the IDs on both parents are correct, all babies will be either yellow belly or specter and all 100% het pied. As for identifying yellowbelly vs. specter, we will need better pictures after their first shed of the dorsal, alien heads, and bellies. The genes can look similar.


Hello and welcome to the forum @kraazi1! Congratulations on your first clutch but condolences on the 2 lost eggs. The babies are very nice btw!

Best of luck with your next projects! :blush: