Identifying Fire in an Albino

I have a young Albino Pied female who was produced by a Fire Albino Pied x Pied Het Albino pairing. I am wondering how to know if the fire gene is present when dealing with an albino. Do they retain a higher contrast yellow as they age compared to straight albinos? Is there any way to identify fire in this combo without breeding her out? Thanks!

Here is the original ad:

I can take more pics in the morning if needed!

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Add images and I’ll tag some people :relaxed: Get some full body images and some of the sides closer up I’d say :blush:

@saleengrinch @chesterhf @t_h_wyman
Just a few who I’m sure can help you when they’re up :snake:


Thank you! :slight_smile: I added the link to the MorphMarket ad which has some good pics but can add more if need be later this morning.

Fire is a lightening gene not a brightner like pastel. I don’t see any indication that snake has the fire gene. I would agree with the original breeders id. Best time to identify fire is when you have it side by side with the clutchmates.


I have never seen the few Albino Fires as adults but, as Shaun notes, even as babies they are a bit more washed out than a standard Albino