Identifying hypo in banana?

Hey everyone!

Was just taking a look at some of the snakes I’ve held back, and I realized I’ve got two that I never identified if they were hypo or not. Now, I know I can send off their shed for confirmed Id, but like to see what others think.

Dad was a banana bumblebee specter het hypo, mom was a cinnamon hypo.

I’ll post this one for now, and some old pics of one of the siblings in question to get some thoughts. This guy is 100% a holdback and is going nowhere. I was worried about him when he hatched due to a pretty weird kink on his neck area, that has his belly scales on the side of his body. However, as you can tell by looking at him. He eats great, he’s definitely shorter and chunkier than his sibling that I still have, but he’s staying here for as long as he lives. As far as I know, he’s a cinnamon banana poss hypo, his sheds are clear, I just don’t know the best way to tell. Added some photos of him as a hatchling along with his sibling, one which I believe was a hypo, and one that was a banana spider poss specter that I’ve also held back. I can get some updated photos of him in a bit.


Wasn’t letting me add these to the original post, kept saying error oddly, adding in a comment.