Identifying morph

trying to identify and can’t seem to figure out what exactly we have, anybody have any suggestions?


Banana cinnamon ??

Banana or Coral Glow (same animal different lines) not seeing anything else involved, what was the pairing?

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That doesn’t look like a cinnamon to me.

I really really wanted to say banana but didn’t feel confident enough. I’m going to call that a personal win :blush:

That’s what I think too but idk

It is definitely a banana or coral (same moroh, different lines). I don’t see cinnamon, which someone has mentioned, but I think that there is an additional gene/genes at work besides the banana/coral, I’m just not sure what.

I’m saying coral glow. No additional genes

wouldn’t it be coral glow, because of the freckles? (I’m new here, trying to learn to identify morphs, so I am kind of guessing)

Banana and coral glow are the same mutation. But yes, both cause freckles.


Same thing different lines.

As for black specks they develop over time usually starting around 125/150 grams.

In single gene animals it is random some with heavier spotting than others. In combos it depends on what other Gene’s are involved which can result in heavy amount of spots to none.