Identifying Red Axanthic Clutch

Last year, I bought an adult female Het Red Axanthic. I wasn’t breeding her, so I wasn’t checking for eggs, until one day while cleaning I found her laying on eggs. I wasn’t actively breeding her but looking back on it, I may have thrown my male Blackhead HRA possible YB with her once. Hoping for some sort of idea what the babies are and if the Blackhead might be the father. They’re all females (not thinking parthenogenesis as the babies are thriving and I don’t think a HRA would be possible from a partho clutch from an HRA), so I’ll probably keep the Red Axanthics for myself.

Dam (HRA)

Possible sire (Blackhead HRA p/YB)

Baby 1 (Red Axanthic+)

Baby 2 (Red Axanthic+)

Baby 3 (Red Axanthic+)

Baby 4 (HRA)

Baby 5 (Normal)

Baby 6 (Normal? Blackhead? it’s a little more saturated in person)

I put my best guesses as to the genetics, i’m most interested in why 2 Red Axanthics have a full dorsal stripe and 1 has no dorsal stripe whatsoever. Would love to hear your thoughts.

(Edit: Forgot to mention that when I bought the female, I was told she wasn’t paired, but when I asked if he had paired her, the breeder said that he had bought the female as an adult and she may have been paired by whoever he bought it from.)


@akmorphs @armiyana @nswilkerson1 @banereptiles @ballornothing can any of you guys help?


You’re correct, HRA wouldn’t be possible in a partho clutch, though it is possible that only some babies are parthenogenic, so still worth monitoring.

Looks to me like you have three red axanthics. I don’t see blackhead in them and from what I can see on MM, RA has multiple types of expression for the dorsal striping and both a full dorsal stripe and very minimal dorsal spots both seem to be a pretty common expression. The non-striped one could also possibly be blackhead, but the headstanp, pattern, and color don’t match that, especially compared to dad. One or two could also have YB.

Baby 4 looks to be HRA YB, and the other two look like they could be YB as well but we would need better pics of the bellies to tell you for sure. I honestly don’t see any blackhead, but that could have just been bad odds - I just had a 7 egg clutch from a parent with leopard and didn’t get a single leopard.


Thanks for the input. I’m not great at identifying blackhead as I don’t work with them much, so I appreciate the help. I’ll post some pictures of the bellies soon. I was thinking some of the red axanthics have yellowbelly because they have floating pattern and tracks but i’m not sure how much of that is red axanthic

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Baby 1’s belly

Baby 2’s belly

Baby 3’s belly

Baby 4’s belly

Baby 5’s belly

Baby 6’s belly

Sorry if the pictures aren’t great quality—they can be kind of hard to get to stay still and i was trying to show the flames/tracks as much as i could.