Identifying spectre

So, I’ve got a clutch that’s hatching out right now, and my male also sired a clutch last year. He’s a banana bumblebee spectre. Last year was paired to a cinnamon, this year paired him to a normal.

I struggle with what to look for to identify spectre in combos, and also in single gene form. Any advice on this would be great. I’ll get some pics posted in a week or so when they all shed out. There are currently 5 out of the egg, and 2 still in the egg.

Here’s a fun pic from Monday when two had come out. What I believe to be a pastel banana and a normal, but I know they need to shed first. Mainly looking for help on spectre identification.


This is probably the best information you can find. Jerry really knows his stuff when it comes to Specter:


Thanks for the info! I’ll take a read and hope it helps me identify the hatchlings

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Here’s the 5 babies that are out currently


I will offer you the single most important piece of advice that I offer everyone with a new clutch: Wait for the animals to shed and feed before you start trying to ID the combos.

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Oh of course, I learned that my first year of pairings, just wanted to share a photo and my excitement/speculation. I know it’s good to wait until their first shed to even bother trying to ID them.


Just wanted to add some photos. I’ve got two that have had their first shed.

Am I looking at a normal, or a specter?

And I believe this one to be a pastel banana, but I’d like some confirmation here as well.