Identifying Yellowbelly

So, I’m at a bit of a loss here on how to properly identify any yellowbelly that could potentially be in this clutch.
Seeing as I didn’t get any replies to my breeding thread, I decided to just make a new one for visibility.

So, this is the sire:

This was him in his display case at the expo before I bought him:

And a few of his babies (there’s so many so it’s gonna be a bit before I can get pictures of all of them)

The “normal” looking female (2 pics are shown of her) does have some flaming that looks like it’s more orange than white, which was one of the “indicators” of yellowbelly from the identification videos I watched.

I’ll post pictures of every baby once I have the chance to, but do any of these three look like they might have yellowbelly (particularly the female)?


There was a thread on here not long ago that @t_h_wyman posted some visual aids on identifying yellowbelly. I’ll try and find it but it was one of the best visual/ explanation I’ve seen.


Your normal hatchling looks like a normal and not a YB to me. Hard to make a call on the two Banana offspring from the pics. It would also help to know what the pairing was so we can account for al the genes in play. Obviously there is Spider. I am guessing maybe Calico??

Guessing you mean this post?


Yes that was it!

The pairing was a banana yellowbelly male to a spider female.

There’s 10 hatchlings, so again these were just the more decent pics I had taken of a few. It’s gonna be a bit before I can get pictures of every single one :joy:

I know for sure I have:
3.0 banana spider
2.0 banana
0.4 normal
0.1 spider
Again, I just don’t know if any yellowbelly is present from the male. I’ll have to post pictures of the entire clutch when I have the chance to

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And I have to agree with @t_h_wyman the coral glow with the head stamp looks to have calico in it.

Well that should make it easier

When you do get pics, if you can get them without that concentrated bright spot (not sure if it is a flash or something else ??? ) that would be a bit more helpful. It is not a huge thing with that normal but in both of the Bananas it is giving a washout effect that adds to the difficulty factor. Ideally you would want bright but soft indirect light :+1:t4:

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Here’s a few pictures of mom. She’s got really high white sides, which her spider babies seem to have inherited. I’m not sure if she might have calico though, I just assumed she was a high white spider haha

And some pictures I had taken of the babies without the bright flashlight I was using. The one by itself was taken with the natural sunlight coming in through the side door I had open! (Also please ignore my gross feet :joy: having hardwood floors makes them dirty all the time!)

Again I’ll get more individual pics later, this is just what I have right now and we’re running out to go grocery shopping :grimacing:


Finally got pictures of all of the babies! Get ready for a picture wall :joy:

Also, if I need to provide additional pictures of any of the babies let me know. They weren’t all being that cooperative and I was also trying not to get bit again like I did earlier when I was separating them :joy:












Here are my guesses as to which are YB:

  1. Yes
  2. Maybe
  3. Yes
  4. No
  5. Maybe
  6. Yes
  7. No
  8. No
  9. I believe a low-expression example
  10. No

Thank you! I’d like to see what input others have as well. Yellowbelly is such a subtle morph, and even though I looked up videos and read the guide linked before, I was still second guessing myself.

I did suspect YB for several of the ones you listed as “yes” and am glad I wasn’t entirely off with them :joy::sweat_smile:
The non-banana spider has orange flaming in the markings that meet her belly, which her mother does not have at all.
I also notice the high blushing/flaming on some of them, especially the first banana. And the “keyhole” headstamp on several of them.


The blushing is so high and apparent on the first one, its gotta be yb banana


Yeah, you’re definitely right on that one.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on the matter?

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Gently bumping this again. I trust Travis’ opinions, but I still would like to see if anyone agrees with him or not.

I’d like to be as accurate as I can when it comes to listing these guys later on!

Most of them have actually taken their second meals already — besides one. I haven’t checked on them again yet but I’ll see if that one took his meal or not.

Edit: He took his first meal! The only one that hasn’t ate keeps defensively striking at his food, so I’ll leave it overnight to see if he figures it out :joy:

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I definitely agree with Travis‘s observations and opinion. I feel that @t_h_wyman is a definite trustable source for info.

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I’ll probably just list the “maybe” ones as poss. YB then :+1:

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He is also merely a man and fallible as such so he does not at all object to having other experienced people ante in their opinions as well :+1:t4: :grin: