If it's pastel phantom?

Hello! I’m a beginner, I used to only deal with lizards. But now I realized how much I missed)
I want to ask for help and identify.
This is my first python, male, 9 months old. Father is Purple Passion, mother is Fire Pastel. The seller said he is a Pastel Phantom, possibly YB.

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not the best of pic but looks to be pastel phantom. Where is the yb part coming from, out of that pairing yb is not a possibility


What Mary said :+1:

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Many thanks!

He will be your first of many. I too kept lizards (and still do) for years until I got bit by the Ball Python bug about 15 years ago. They are amazing animals and I think every collection should have a Pastel in it, so you’re off to a great start!

Thanks for your support and understanding!:blush: