If you can choose one pet reptile, which do you choose?

In this hypothetical situation, you are limited to one reptile in your collection. Which reptile do you choose and why?

Still want to have my derpy corn boy Zeus. He’s nothing special morph wise but I adore his personality. Out of all my snakes he’s just the absolute best.

borneo earless monitor lizard

My Arizona mountain kingsnake Ammon. I’ve had him for a bit over 9 years, and even though he may not live much over 15, I could never give him up.

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Impossible question is impossible.

Hol’ up. I had never heard of a borneo earless monitor lizard until now. Just googled this, why haven’t I heard of it!? It is epic

I respect all the answers. Honestly, for some this question can be impossible.

They look like dragons!