Im 99.99% sure this ISNT scale rot. Confirm please

When I got this albino black pastel 6 months ago she was almost stark white. Every ventral scale looked like polished pearls and all patterning on her head, neck and flames were barely visible

Well she has shed for me 4 times since. Every shed, from her stomach to her vent her ventral scales get more yellow. As they do her flames, pattern, eye stripes and moustach have become absolutely electric. You can see the yellowing starts at the base of her neck just before my fingers You can see it goes from 1/3 up both her sides and all across her belly starting at her stomach By midway its so yellow the flames are almost orange Even as it approaches her tail the flames are still picking up color, even her gead stamp, eye stripes, and nose have intensified In 6 months not a single scale has browned, rotted, infected, flaked, nothing. They still glisten and are perfectly formed. They just more yellow every shed. Im convinced she healthy, just becoming ridiculously colorful. I have a first year veteran swearing she needs to go to vet and get betadine baths. Thoughts from anyone with tons of experience would be appreciated


She’s just coloring up. Scale rot does not come in beautiful bright yellow patterns.


She probably has some yellow belly in her

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I can’t see any rot whatsoever on them pictures, just a absolutely stunning animal :heart_eyes: