I'm a little worried about her

So I’m bit worried about my brothers snake Amatan.
Shes a year old and weighs about 970 grams.
However, for the past month or so, she’s stopped eating.
This also coincides with the odd behavior I’ve noticed from her since January.
Since January shes been hanging out more on the cold side of her tub and always seems to be elevating herself.
Since shes not mine, I don’t check the hot spot but she did have a little probe that told you the ambient temp and humidity which was 72-74 temp and 65-74 humidity.

I think a few more of seasoned folks can get what I’m about to ask; Could she have an ri or is just hitting that thousand gram wall I’ve heard about?
I’ve told him he should make an appointment with the vet, but want to ask you guys for a second opinion.
The reason why I personally think she does have an ri is because I caught her doing this this morning:

I’m honestly worried for her, but I’m very aware that I’m also a worrywart.
This a long post and I apologize for that.
Thanks for any advice in advance.

1st you should increase temps, ambient temps in low 70s is too low, unless for occasional night drop during breeding season, but even then. Low temps w high humidity will definitely give her an RI. At that size/age with no breeding she should have a hot spot 88-90 and a cool side around 80, high 70s for short periods at night ok, but definitely not anything lower than 75.

Now it is quite common for BPs to go off food for sometimes extended periods of time, I’ve had some go 6mths easily. This can be for a number of reasons, seasonal, breeding, weight(1000g wall), temps, illness or sometimes just because they feel like driving us crazy.

Also that position she’s in isn’t all that unusual, she may have just been exploring the tank and froze when you turn the lights on or she saw you. Is she in that position with her mouth gaped open? Does she have and moisture or bubbling around her mouth or nostrils? Is there any kind of wheezing or crackling you her was she breaths? Can you open her mouth and see if there’s any mucus or discoloring? These are all more worrying signs for RI. At the end of the day if you’re unsure or inexperienced to tell then yes a vet is always the best thing. But again I would definitely start with raising and consistency with temperatures. Get a thermostat if you don’t have 1 yet. Goodluck, keep us informed.


Thank you for your reply.
We live in a very drafty house, so it’s kind of hard to keeep the temps very high, however lately I found a way to keep the room that she and the other snakes in warmer.
I didnt go all out because I thought It might be too warm. But I’ll leave it be so the heat can go up.
When my Brother was handling her I didn’t notice any excessive mucus, and he claims she wasn’t wheezing. (Im hard of hearing so I wouldn’t be able to catch it.
As for the pose thanks for putting my mind at ease with what you said.
Like I said; Im a worrywart by nature.
I spoke to my brother and he is arranging a vet visit to be safe.
Again, thank you for the Advice! :grinning: :+1:

He still needs to get the ambient temperature up in that enclosure, low 80s min(for that BP other species could handle lower). Otherwise even if she’s ok now it will affect her health in a number of possible ways.

It’s unfortunate that you have a drafty house but those are some of the things that unfortunately too many keepers don’t consider before getting a reptile for a pet. The snake(s) don’t have any control they just need what they need to survive/thrive and we as owners need to figure a way to provide it or unfortunately surrender the animal to someone that can.

I’m not trying to be critical or rude just taking the animals health into account 1st which is the whole reason you started the post. I have had drafty homes in the past and had to use the plastic seal covering over windows or gotten a plug in portable electric radiator from any big box store for $40. Whatever it takes.


I use a small space heater oriented to the corner of the room my tub is in which works perfectly. You could also get a draft blocker for the door to the room, as you’re likely losing some heat that way as well.

Yeah, we’ve done that.
Like I said, I found a way to keep the room warmer.

The house is has a “parlor” room. (Our living room and where we keep the snakes, who are next to that rooms heater) Then is leads to a smaller room with a coat closet that leads into another room that doesn’t get used for much, then the rest of the house follows.

I noticed that there where some curtain hooks in the room where the closet is and hung a curtain up to see if that would keep the room warmer.
It does, but it got , to what I thought, was very warm. So I would keep it open, so to speak.

But with @snaxxs reply of the room being too cold I’ll leave it shut now so the room can stay warmer.

And don’t worry, my brother just made an appointment for her for tonight to see the vet, so we’ll see if she has one or not.
Hopefully this was just me being nothing more but a worrywart after all.

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Just to add on to what has been said here, what are you using as a heat source for her tub and is it hooked up to a thermostat? It’s going to be much easier to modulate the temperature of her enclosure than your entire house/room

She has a 30-40 gallon heat mat from zoo med , and yes it’s on a thermostat.
My brother has it set to like 90-92.

If your house is cold, you may need something to warm up the ambient temperature inside the enclosure since a heat mat provides more of a surface warmth to the bottom of the tub/enclosure. I would add a ceramic heat emitter.

I might have to look into that.
But as I stated before, I did find a way to get the room warmer, I just thought, it was too warm for them, but now I’ll stick to keeping the curtain shut, so the room gets plenty warm.

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I’m glad to hear that you’ve found a way to improve the situation. When you 1st mentioned ambient temps I believed you meant inside the tank. If so it was too low, low-mid 80s is the ideal ambient, obviously the outside room temp matters because the colder the room the harder to heat the enclosure. A room temp of 75ish is ok but I wouldn’t want it any cooler than that.

I would like to commend you for taking an interest and concern for your brother’s pet and working to improve her care. I would have liked to have seen him as the owner being the person inquiring but as long as things are better then happy keeping.

No, thank you for helping me.
We just got back from the vet, and they gave her a clean bill of health, she has no Ri, so it’s most likely that shes just going on the typical ball python hunger strike.
Better that than an Ri I guess. :partying_face: