I'm getting a honduran milksnake for the first time, any tips?

I’m getting a baby honduran milksnake, If you have any tips on caring, handling…anything! I would love to know about them :slight_smile:


Size wise Hondurans grow larger than most of the other milk varieties/types. Above all, you need to MAKE SURE there are no little cracks or crevices ANYWHERE. These guys are quite strong, even as babies, so they will nose/wiggle themselves out of the tiniest of gaps. I had a baby milk in a small plastic tub and it escaped 3 times. The 3rd time it escaped it was gone for about 3 months before it showed up again. I ended up giving it to a friend.

Baby milks can also be very squirmy and will often musk, pee or poop or do all 3 when you pick them up. They are nippy as well. As babies in the wild they are often eaten by predators which could explain their somewhat skittish behavior.

I am not trying to bring you down in any way. I just want you to know what to expect from from your new little critter. Possibly. But you can also expect him to grow out of it. And of course he could be a little angel from the get go.

But in any event, milk snakes are beautiful, colorful creatures. Once your baby realizes you are not going to eat him, he should settle down and become a great pet! Pictures when you get him please!:blush::wink::lizard::frog::snake:


Thank you for the advice! It will surely help a lot! I got him 3 days ago. He is a little nervous when I try to take him out of his enclosure, but with a bit of handling he calmed down quite nicely.

His name is Dante.


Oh my goodness he is a beauty! Maybe you are going to be able to skip the nervous nelly part and cruise into the cool chilled dude age!

Thank you for the pic and keep us posted on Dante’s progress! :lizard::frog::snake::heart::wink::blush::+1:


Oh you’re making me want an extreme female Honduran milk snake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: