Im having a hard time telling if my Leopold gecko is a male?


Hello and welcome to the forum @caribou69! So glad you found us! As far as your Leo gender question it looks like mine and mine is a female so I’m going out on a limb here and say female………

But of course I could be totally wrong and if so someone else will come along with a correction! :blush:

Sure would love to see the top side of “her”! Lol cuz we are love pictures here!!! :joy::rofl::blush:


I agree. looks like a female.


Thank you i appreciate it so much. My friend is trying to say its a male lol.


The way that they’re holding the tail up makes it look like there’s more of a bulge than there is. There really don’t seem to be any pores visible either. If they say it is because of temp sexing, there’s still a chance regardless of getting the opposite sex, just not a good one.
Better pictures would definitely help. but judging off these I would still say female.


Pics are too blurry, try get some clear ones. X

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Thank you. My friends was saying he see’s the balls im like there no pores,but he swears its a male but me an alot of other people are sayinv its a female.

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