I'm needing help

I have a corn snake that was sold to me and I have no clue what genetics it has but it’s very clearly not classic/normal. It is almost completely patternless except markings on the head and faint spotting down the dorsal. It’s a greyish brown color. Help is greatly appreciated!


I’m new to snake genetics, but to me it could be an Anery Stripe, the indistinct patterning could be due to another gene being present such as dilute? Not too sure on this so wait on other more experienced people to respond😅 does it have any yellow colouration around the head area?

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the only help i can give you is to tell you with a tail like that its probably a male, try someone like @gem

I think it is a charcoal stripe possibly.

Yea I was thinking that or granite stripe if there was no yellow around the head

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