I'm new here and this is my first year breeding ball pythons, any tips?

I’ve been keeping reptiles for a while and have never bred any before, so I decided I want to try to breed 2 of my ball pythons. I put them in the same tank today just to see how they would react to each other and I think this is a good sign

It’s an orange dream female and a Spotnose X fire male
Like I said it’s my first year breeding them but she has been bred before I got her. I know it’s about that time of year and was wondering if anybody had any tips for me to make this process as easy as possible lol I just want to make some cool snake babies


Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Make sure you have space for all the babies, a rack system is recommended.
  • Get everything working before you have eggs, get an incubator, set it, and figure out temperatures and humidity before you get eggs.
  • Do lots of reading, the search function on here has a lot of breeding logs, pictures, and questions answered.

If it helps, I’ve been keeping a log of materials and costs involved with setting up for a clutch:


I find this site really useful. Live air pressure.
I think I set it to uk, but just slide the map to your area and zoom. You can also slide the date to see the prediction for whats coming.

AIR PRESSURE - Barometric pressure today

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Patience, research, always ask questions and have faith in what you are doing. Enjoy the journey, although it does get nerve racking at times. We all start out at some point and even the most seasoned of breeders are still learning new things. Probably the biggest bit of advice though… Ignore the haters and those who put you down but listen to those who help you through mistakes.


Whatever you do, be consistent. They don’t respond well to environmental changes sometimes so come up with a plan and stick to it. If it doesn’t work this season, repeat it next spring, and again in the fall if you have to.

The @markusjayne breeding pictorial is a great step by step process to follow. It’s a simple but extremely well written guide to the breeding cycle and what you should be doing at each point.

You also may want to add a large hide or two to give the female more of a sense of security.

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All the above +
But for me:-

Dont jump on the newest or currently trendy morphs or the ones people are raving about.
Select morphs that really do it for you. e.g. (amongst some other morphs) I still prefer good old fashion albinos. that means i will always be happy with them and love what i do.

Old days was books and the international Zoological publications, but times have changed. we now have the internet with all its faults and contradictions. cross reference to see what is opinion and current accepted fact. And accept that facts change over time.

Read all the tips and guides here.

Ask questions here. its the best place to get quality information.

Study MorphMarket . I am on MorphMarket every day. (multiple times) look at the pictures and stated Morphs. it helps with recognising different morphs. If you do like a morph you like, search adults to see what they look like too.

Study youtube, but focus on the main breeders, don’t believe everything, cross reference to see what is opinion and fact.

Finally- Take your time, have fun and enjoy.


I agree with everything.

Make sure your prepared and have fun :+1: this year was our first year and OMG it was so much fun. But there was sad moments so prepare yourself for possible unfortunate things.

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